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The National Burns Center (NBC) promoted by the Indian Burns Research Society is a unique and pioneering project to tackle burns holistically. Initially, in case of extensive burns, due to lack of autograft, skin from live donors was used for treatment. That added to the cost of treatment of donor alongwith recipient. Thus, the concept of Skin Banking in India was conceived by Late Dr. Manohar H Keswani out of the dire need to save patients with critical burns who were dying because of lack of HOMOGRAFT.

So, in 1972, Dr. Manohar H Keswani, established a first of its kind Skin Bank in India at Wadia Children's Hospital in Mumbai. Years later, on 21st November, 2009, a state-of-the-art RCBN Skin Bank in Mumbai was established at National Burns Centre in collaboration with Euro Tissue Bank. It was set-up with collaboration of Rotary Club of Bombay-North with Euro Skin Bank and Rotary Club of Leiden. The Inauguration of the Skin Bank was done by the Director of Euro Skin Bank Dr. Welsly Bodha.

RCBN Skin Bank is a place where skin collected from eligible deceased donor is processed, preserved and distributed as per INTERNATIONAL PROTOCOLS. The Skin bank not only caters to NBC requirement but it also caters to the whole nation as there is no other skin bank of such high quality in the country today.

Skin Banks and Skin Collection Centres in India


  1. LT Medical College and Hospital Skin Bank, Sion, Mumbai(2000)

  2. RCBN Skin Bank, Navi Mumbai(2009)

  3. BSES Skin collection Centre, Mumbai (2011)

  4. Surya hospital Skin Bank, Pune(2011)

  5. Rotary OCHRI Skin Bank, Nagpur(2015)

  6. Rotary Vedant Skin Collection Centre, Nasik(2016)


  1. RAB Skin Bank, Victoria Hospital, Bangalore(2016)


  1. Choithram hosptal Skin Bank, Indore (2011)


  1. Ganga hospital Skin Bank, Coimbatore (2014)

Skin banks set up by RCBN Skin bank, National Burns Centre across India

Sl. No. Skin Bank City, State Local Hospital Associated Rotary Club Date In charge Website
1 RCBN Skin Bank Mumbai, Maharashtra National Burns Centre Rotary Club of Bombay North 21st Nov 2009 Dr. Sunil M Keswani
2 BSES hospital Skin Collection Centre Mumbai, Maharashtra BSES hospital Rotary Club of Bombay Juhu Beach Feb 2011 Dr. Ashok R. Mehta  
3 Surya Hospital Skin Bank Pune, Maharashtra Surya Hospital Rotary Club of Khadki 13th Feb, 2012 Dr. Jaisingh Shinde  
4 Ganga Hospital Skin Bank Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Ganga Hospital Rotary Club of Metropolis 10th Dec., 2014 Dr S Raja Sabapathy
5 Rotary OCHRI Skin Bank Nagpur, Maharashtra Orange City Hospital Rotary Club of Nagpur 27th Feb., 2015 Dr. Sameer Jahagirdar  
6 RAB Skin Bank Bangalore, Karnataka Victoria Hospital Rotary Bangalore Mid Town 30th march, 2016 Dr. Smitha Segu  
7 Rotary Vedant Skin Collection Centre Nasik, Maharshtra Vedant Hospital Rotary Club of Nashik 8th May, 2016 Dr. Rajendra Nehete  

Future goals and plans

To  become the nodal centre and centre of excellence and establish a network of  skin banks across India under ASBI (Association of Skin Banks in India) in the next five years. To carry out mass awareness campaign to popularize the concept of skin banking in India. To promote research in developing indigenous cost-effective dermal substitutes and scar management. 

Skin banks Proposed to be set up by RCBN Skin bank, National Burns Centre across India

Sl. No. Skin Bank City, State Local Hospital Associated Rotary Club In charge
1 SOA Skin Bank Bhubaneshwar, Odisha Inst of Medical science and SUM hospital   Dr. Jayant Dash
2 Skin Bank, Jalgaon Jalgaon, Maharashtra   Rotary Club of Jalgaon Main Dr. Waghanna
3 Bembde hospital Skin bank Aurangabad, Maharashtra Bembde Hospital, Aurangabad Rotary Club of Aurangabad Dr. Ramakant Bembde
4 KLE hospital Skin bank Belgaum, Karnataka KLE hospital, Belgaum, Karnataka Rotary Club of Belgaum Dr. Rajesh Powar
5 Cuttack Skin bank Cuttack, Odisha Government hospital, Cuttack, Odisha   Dr. Arun Chaudhary
6 Sangli Skin bank Sangli, Maharashtra Patwardhan hospital, Sangli, Maharshtra Rotary Club of Sangli Main Dr. Patwardhan
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