The National Burns Center (NBC) promoted by the Indian Burns Research Society is a unique and pioneering project to tackle burns holistically. Initially, in case of extensive burns, due to lack of autograft, skin from live donors was used for treatment. That added to the cost of treatment of donor alongwith recipient. Thus, the concept of Skin Banking in India was conceived by Late Dr. Manohar H Keswani out of the dire need to save patients with critical burns who were dying because of lack of HOMOGRAFT.

So, in 1972, Dr. Manohar H Keswani, established a first┬áSkin Bank in India at Wadia Children’s Hospital in Mumbai. Years later, on 21st November, 2009, a state-of-the-art RCBN Skin Bank in Mumbai was established at National Burns Centre in collaboration with Euro Tissue Bank. It was set-up with collaboration of Rotary Club of Bombay-North with Euro Skin Bank and Rotary Club of Leiden. The Inauguration of the Skin Bank was done by the Director of Euro Skin Bank Dr. Welsly Bodha.

RCBN Skin Bank is a place where skin collected from eligible deceased donor is processed, preserved and distributed as per INTERNATIONAL PROTOCOLS. The Skin bank not only caters to NBC requirement but it also caters to the whole nation as there is no other skin bank of such high quality in the country today.

Skin Banks and Skin Collection Centres in India


  1. LT Medical College and Hospital Skin Bank, Sion, Mumbai (2000)
  2. RCBN Skin Bank, Navi Mumbai (2009)
  3. BSES Skin collection Centre, Mumbai (2011)
  4. Surya hospital Skin Bank, Pune (2011)
  5. Rotary OCHRI Skin Bank, Nagpur (2015)
  6. Rotary Vedant Skin Collection Centre, Nasik (2016)
  7. Masina Hospital, Byculla, Mumbai (2017)
  8. Rotary Sushrut Hospital Skin Bank ,Sangli (2018)


  1. RAB Skin Bank, Victoria Hospital, Bangalore (2016)
  2. KLES Skin Bank, Belgaum (2018)


  1. Sum Hospital Skin Bank, Bhubaneswar (2014)


  1. Choithram Hospital Skin Bank, Indore (2011)


  1. Ganga hospital Skin Bank, Coimbatore (2014)
  2. Skin bank, Right Hospital Kilpauk Medical College (2014)
  3. Skin Bank, Stanley Hospital (2016)

Skin banks set up by RCBN Skin bank, National Burns Centre across India

Sr.No Place of Skin Bank Local Hospital City, State Associated Rotary Club Status-Year In charge
1 RCBN Skin Bank ,NBC National Burns Centre Mumbai, Maharashtra Rotary Club of Bombay North Inaugurated, 2009 Dr. Sunil M Keswani
2 BSES hhospital Skin Collection Centre BSES hospital Mumbai, Maharashtra Rotary Club of Bombay Juhu Beach MOU signed. Inaugurated 2012 Dr. Ashok R. Mehta
3 Surya Hospital skin bank, Pune Surya Sahyadri Hospital Pune, Maharashtra Rotary Club of Khadki 13th Feb 2012 Dr. Jaisingh Shinde
4 Orange City Hospital Skin bank- Nagpur Orange City Hospital Nagpur, Maharashtra Rotary Club of Nagpur MOU signed. Inaugurated 2014 Dr. Sameer Jahagirdar
5 Ganga Skin Bank- Coimbatore Ganga Hospital Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Self MOU signed. Inaugurated 2014 Dr S Raja Sabapathy
6 Sum Hospital Skin Bank- Bhubaneswar, Orissa Sum Hospital Bhubaneswar, Orissa Self MOU signed. Inaugurated 2014 Dr.Jayant K.Dash
7 BMCRI skin Bank ,Victoria Hospital, Bangalore Victoria Hospital Bangalore, Karnataka Rotary Bangalore Mid Town MOU signed. Inaugurated 2015 Dr. Smitha Segu
8 Rotary Vedant Skin Collection Centre Vedant Hospital Rotary Club of Belgaum Nasik, Maharshtra Inaugurated 8th May, 2016 Dr. Rajendra Nehete
9 KLES DR Prabhakar kore Hospital ,Belgaum KLES DR Prabhakar kore Hospital and MRC BELAGAVI,Karnataka Rotary Club of Nashik BELAGAVI,Karnataka MOU signed 2017,Inaugurated Sept.2018 Dr.Rajesh Powar
10 Rotary Skin Bank Sangli Sushrut Hospital, Sangli Rotary Club of Sangli and Rotary Silver Jubilee Trust Sangli, Maharshtra MOU signed 2017,Inaugurated Sept.2018 Dr.Avinash H. Patil

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